About us

Created in 2022 by Cyril Carisey, Genesis Horse Breeding takes a new place in the new digital breeding world. We created a permanent catalog of implanted embryos & foals out of the best mares in the World. 

How do we work ?

Genesis Horse Breeding signs strong relations with breeders. Trustful and honest, we want to work on the same direction to produce your futur top level horses. Our first ambition is above all the success before the profit.

Genesis travels all around the world to find out, book and offer to you the best informations about the mares. You will discover a full video with the stories of the mares that gives you exclusive informations.

Genesis Horse Breeding will deliver to you exclusive pictures, interviews and assure you that the mares are living in the best conditions.

Well being

We put first the health & mindset of the mare. Then our ethical breeding chart is validated by our CEO himself for each mare.

Fair prices

We try to guarantee the best price for the client, reducing marketing & commisions fees.

Easy & available

We will always find a solution to help the client or the breeder to achieve a good sale.

Basic but not easy to find in the new wold of profitability, all our breeders agreed to our “Authentic Chart of Breeding”:

  • Non massive production of embryo : We limit the OPUs (ovocytes punctions)  to 3 times a year maximum and only if necessary and will priviledge the ET (Embryo Transfer) and fresh insemination.
  • The mare has to go out out every day and 24h/ when possible.
  • The mare will have a qualitative & daily human contact 

After two years working for a French auction house, I decided to open a new global experience platform. I built this website to create a tool for all the breeders who spend all their time with horses in the field and who don’t have enough time to market their horses. 

But also, we realised that the client don’t have enough information about the mares on online sales. That’s why we choose to visit each mare, each owner and the more riders we can to create video about each mare and provide as much information as we can on our catalog’s mares. 

A trustful hub for everybody, providing more than just the purchase of embryos and foals. 

“To produce a great horse is above all to choose it well, to raise it well, to train it well but above all to love it well!”


Cyril Carisey