Breeding program

Your foal deserve the best to grow and become the future showjumping champion ! Our breeding program give you the opportunity to let your foal on the best location in France.

What we do ?

The quest for excellence brings us to the top genetic, but what could be the top genes without the good breeding programm ? We all know that a good grass, the freedom of a field, the perfect food and the dedication of the breeder to let the foal growing up is as important in the achievement of the futur success of our foals.

Genesis Horse Breeding wants to help you, clients and breeders with the suggestion of 2 of the bests & non massive places  in France to let your embryo/foals becoming the good showjumpers. 

Paying attention to the small details is a real job, Genesis Horse Breeding brings with this breeders partnership the guarantee of 3 annual  commun check + 1 annual vet check.

Genesis Horse Breeding - Jeremie Rolland

Daily human contact

Genesis Horse Breeding - Jeremie Rolland

Worming & feet control

Genesis Horse Breeding - Jeremie Rolland

Good grass & complementary food if necessary

Genesis Horse Breeding - Jeremie Rolland

Horse group management

Why you should work with our breeders ?

Allow your foal to thrive with our “Breeding Program” ! Why should you entrust your foal to us? Because you are choosing to place it in the care of two meticulously selected breeders with unparalleled expertise. Our breeders are exclusively dedicated to breeding, creating an ideal environment for your foal’s growth.

Our partners are renowned breeders, their reputation built on proven results. They have ample space, ensure close supervision, and meticulously oversee every aspect of your foal’s daily development. They share our values of respect and love for horses, ensuring your foal grows in a healthy and balanced environment. Provide your foal with an optimal start in life by opting for our “Breeding Program.”

Foal french & international competitions

Our breeders are used to participate to young horses competitions, from foal to three years old.

Stallion selection & approval

Our breeders are also used to prepare young horses for stallion selection and approval.

Breeding program with
Christine Bolleteau

  • 60 hectares near Lyon (France)
  • 12 indoor stalls
  • 365 days outdoor living (except emergency)
  • 70m x 40m outdoor arena

Breeding program with
Jérémie Rolland

  • 140 hectares in Normandy
  • 35 indoor stalls
  • 70m x 40m outdoor arena
  • Free jumping indoor arena

most frequently asked questions

Yes ! The breeding program is open to everybody, you can buy an embryo or a foal and integrate the breeding program with Christine Bolleteau or Jérémie Rolland.

We make every effort to ensure the well-being of the foals and ensure that they grow properly. In the event of a problem, you will be informed and we will make the appropriate decisions together.

You can pick up your foal whenever you want: after birth, at his one year, during the year.. or leave it up to 3 or 4 years old and then integrate the “training program”.