Osée des prés

Osée des Prés is the good combination of the best sire in France. You can find the good mix of Helios de La Cour (The French Champion 2010 x Papillon Rouge) and one of the Best Dam Sire : Socrate de Chivre (x Grand veneur).

Year of birth : 2002
Height : 169 cm
Coat color : brown
Studbook :  Selle Français

"Virtuose was jumping World Cup and at the same time, Alouette was performing well with her rider Mélie Gosa"
Osée des Prés
Raphaël LE DORE
Osée's owner

Best offsprings

more about Osée des Prés

Osée des Prés jumped 125cm (6 Yo) in France
Osée des Prés produced one 160cm offspring
Osée des Prés produced one 150cm offspring

Osée des Prés : The best of French Blood 

Osée des Prés is the good combination of the best sire in France. You can find the good mix of Helios de La Cour (The French Champion 2010 x Papillon Rouge) and one of the Best Dam Sire : Socrate de Chivre (x Grand veneur)

The model of the mare is almost perfect, strenght & Blood the two first fillies are giving the best to the High Level

  • Virtuse d’Eole x Panama Tame jumped the Nation Cup (160cm)
  • Allouette D’Eole x Mylord Carthago has been the 4th best mare jumping in France in 2020 with the young and talented rider : Melie Gosa.

A top level breeding strategy

Osée has always carried her foal. 

Sometimes used in embryo transfert Osée will have a limited production that will bring size, scope, good galop and speed for winning. 

The cross with her is easy as she will give her best qualities to the foals. 

Why purchasing an Osée des prés offprings ?

  • Rare and distinguished production
  • Attractive prices 
  • Make the difference !
"I started to ride her because she was very strong, very bloody, with a lot of scope and amplitude"
Virtuose d'Eole - Osée des Prés
Cédric ANGOT
Virtuose's rider

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