Closely related to the genetics of the Cornado NRW and Cornado II cracks, Arian also comes from the Cornet Obolensky x Acobat I cross.

Year of birth : 2008
Height : 166 cm
Coat color : Grey
Studbook : SLS

"I bought Arian when she was very young and I liked her imediatly because she's a clear round machine"
Davide Kainich
Arian's rider and owner

Arian's Best performances

more about Arian

Closely related to the genetics of the Cornado NRW and Cornado II cracks, Arian also comes from the Cornet Obolensky x Acobat I cross.

The same genetics as the emblematic and spectacular Cornado NRW

In addition to being from the same maternal line as the two top performers Cornado NRW and Cornado II, Arian shares an extremely high degree of kinship with these two champions, insofar as all three have the same genetic heritage :

  • Arian’s dam I-Astrid is the full sister of Acobata, dam of the excellent Cornado NRW and Cornado II ;
  • Their sire is the renowned Cornet Obolensky.


Have you noticed their resemblance, their shared aptitudes and the same talent ? The similarities with Arian are striking !


Horses built for sport

The athletic qualities of these three horses suggest that this Cornet Obolensky x Acobat combination is simply perfect.

Cornardo NRW and his full brother Cornado II have shone at the world’s finest competitions. They have toured the planet, dazzling audiences with their talent.

Arian has the same natural qualities as Cornado NRW and Cornado II. She has superb jumping technique, great reactivity and good balance. She has distinguished herself on the international scene in classes up to 150cm.


Their talent is in their genes

The qualities of these horses are expressed through their exceptional genetics. Now it’s available to you !

Arian is now dedicated to breeding and makes its genetic heritage available to you.

"Davide told me the mare was amazing and asked me to check the damline. Then we realized she was the full genetic sister of Cornado I and Cornado II"
Sara Ciavorella
Arian's co-owner)

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