Caféine de Carva is the niece of Hermes Ryan des Hayettes. She’s the dam of an approved stallion Karuzzo de Kreisker (4yo).

Year of birth : 2012
Height : 167 cm
Coat color : Brown
Studbook : Selle Français

"I bought Caféine when she was 3yo and we loved her immediately, she's very bloody."
Guillaume ANSQUER
Cafeine's ex-owner

Caféine de carva Best offspring

More About Caféine de carva

Cafeine de Carva, or the perfect balance of a tasty cocktail, mixing an exceptional pedigree with an exceptional model. A mother of distinction in the making for the niece of the famed Ryan des Hayettes.

Conformation and Aesthetics
Cafeine de Carva has a dream model. Her stunning bay coat (without any white) highlights the elegance of her refined and graceful conformation. Her fine tissues, expressive eyes, and prominent muscles all reflect her vitality and close-to-blood type model. Her stylish head, aerial gaits, and well-placed, strong undercarriage definitively validate the physical and aesthetic attributes of the beautiful Cafeine de Carva.

Everest Lifestyle aka Esther, a top international winner in CSI5* 1.60m
What a fantastic mare Everest Lifestyle is! Indeed, the third dam of Cafeine de Carva is none other than the powerful Belgian chestnut, Everest Lifestyle aka Esther, a top winner in CSI5* 1.60m in the ’90s with Michael Whitaker, notably winning the Windsor GP ’93. Everest Lifestyle is by the Hanoverian, Lugano Van la Roche, a foundational sire in Belgium, also father to the breed leader, Darco. Everest Lifestyle stems from the cross Lugano Van la Roche x Flugel Van la Roche, which yielded tremendous results in Belgium in the 80s.

The Strength of an Exclusive Line
What’s better than an international mare to create an exceptional maternal line? Everest Lifestyle will thus be the base mare of this incredible family. The daughters of Everest Lifestyle are remarkable mothers, but one stands out distinctly, the aptly named Ryonne des Hayettes. A direct daughter of the Olympic Ryon d’Anzex (whom she greatly resembles), Ryonne des Hayettes is the mother of four international winners: Orson des Hayettes ISO 166 CSIO3* 1.60m with Rosella de Simone, Melody des Hayettes z ISO 148 CSI5* 1.50m with Patrick Planchat, Rolex des Hayettes ISO 148, and especially the global superstar Ryan des Hayettes ISO 175 CSIO5* 1.65m with Simon Delestre, winner of the GP World Cup Verona, GP GCT St Tropez, GP World Cup Amsterdam, GP CSI5* Paris, GP World Cup Lyon, and individual Bronze medalist at the European Championships in Aix la Chapelle. Cafeine de Carva is the niece of the brilliant Hermes Ryan aka Ryan des Hayettes, but she is also the sister of Bugatti de Carva ISO 145 and Bulgari de Carva ISO 151 CSI3* 1.45m with Marie Hécart.

A Classic and Original Pedigree
Yes, it’s possible! The sire of Cafeine de Carva, the famous gray Bwp stallion, Cornet Obolensky (Clinton x Heartbreaker), has become an international breed leader, now sought after for both his direct progeny and his second-generation descendants (via both male and female lines). Integrating Cornet Obolensky into a pedigree has become a must. The dam of Cafeine de Carva, Rolex des Hayettes, is by the classic French stallion, Papillon Rouge (Jalisco B), one of the world’s best dam sires. However, crossing Cornet Obolensky with Papillon Rouge is rare, and adding the incredible Anglo-Arab Ryon d’Anzex plus the great Lugano Van la Roche makes it original and uniquely exceptional.

A Promising Future Production
Cafeine de Carva is still relatively young, her progeny are currently shaping up on the young horse circuit. Notable already is her first product, Help Me de Kreisker CSIYH 1.35m with Charlotte Bettendorf, as well as Isryan Fr de Kreisker ISO 123 at 5 years old and Karuzzo de Kreisker, an approved Selle Français stallion earning the “very promising” label.

"The first offsprings show great quality,"
Genesis' founder