Caprice Panama Z is a direct daughter of Panama du Seigneur

Caprice Panama Z has 5 brothers & sister performing > 150cm (1 > 165cm)

Year of birth : 2020
Height : 168 cm
Coat color : Brown
Studbook : Zangersheide

"Panama du Seigneur damline is incredible ! We have a lot of hopes for Caprice !"
Caprice Panama
Paul Vanvinckenroye
Caprice's owner

More About Caprice Panama

Caprice Panama Z is a direct daughter of Panama du Seigneur

Caprice Panama Z has 5 brothers & sister performing > 150cm (1 > 165cm)

Panama du Seigneur, the new queen

With a mother and grandmother who have distinguished themselves in the international level and who have produced many high-level sport horses, this daughter of the illustrious Cornet Obolensky is the perfect expression of the adage : good blood cannot lie.

Her mother Panama du Seigneur is a daughter of Darco. She performed internationally up to 160cm with the Belgian rider Delphine Goemaere.

Panama du Seigneur has produced several cracks including:

  • The stallion Tic Tac du Seigneur (Clinton), winner of 2 Belgian championships (7-year-olds in 2010 and the senior championship in 2012) with Jérôme Guery, winner of several 160cm Grand Prix and Finalist of the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games in 2017 ;
  • Soudan du Seigneur (Vigo d’Arsouilles), performing over 150cm;
  • Amour du Seigneur (Schilling), notably 7th in the 160cm GP of Harthill, 3rd in the 160cm GP of the CSI 3* of Geesteren;
  • Boyfriend du Seigneur (Calvaro Z), approved stallion, notably 4th in the World of Sires at Lanaken in 2015 over 150cm.
  • His 2nd dam Mic Mac du Dieu Demon, a daughter of Heartbreaker, played for seven seasons at the top level and took part in Nations Cups with Olivier Desutter.

In addition to Panama du Seigneur, she has also produced:

  • Rexar du Houssoit (Ksar Sitte), ridden in the 160cm Grand Prix under the saddle of Belgian riders Donaat Brondeel and Delphine Goemaere ;
  • Rush-On du Houssoit, full sister of Rexar du Houssoit, competes at international level up to GP 150 cm under the saddle of the Swiss Marianne Kistler ;
  • Ursule (Cabdulla du Tillard), classified in CSI 3* (140cm).

A safe bet for breeding

Cornet is one of the most famous stallions in the world. His genetics are highly sought after on the maternal side. It is all the more so on exceptional bloodlines such as that of Panama du Seigneur. Caprice Panama Z is therefore a rare pearl with considerable genetic potential.

No doubt everyone should have this line in their field. Brain, show jumping, good balance, modern form, strong bones and results.

Why choose a Caprice Panama Z product ?

  • Modern genetics X the best father of the moment : Cornet Obolensky
  • Brilliant and talented young mare
  • Caprice Panama Z will be put in the sport in the next few years
  • Fair market price & production control
"She's the sister of many cracks like Tic Tac du Seigneur"
Tic Tac - Caprice Panama's brother
Caprice's owner