Enjoy Van’t Meulenhof is the daughter of Vodka Orange de Muze the best daughter of Fragrance de Chalus. She jumped 145cm and she already produced two horses that jump 160cm.

Year of birth : 2004
Height : 166 cm
Coat color : Brown
Studbook : BWP

"We wish her the best, she's amazing and she deserves a happy life"
Enjoy Van't Meulenhof
Alexandra LAMA
Enjoy's owner

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Enjoy Van’t Meulenhof jumped 145cm

Enjoy Van’t Meulenhof is the daughter of Vodka Orange de Muze the best daughter of Fragrance de Chalus

Enjoy Van’t Meulenhof is the sister of 3 x 160cm jumpers :

– Bacardi Orange de Muze (Cento x Darco)

– Bacardi Rhum de Muze (Kannan x Darco)

– Elouise de Muze (Nabab de Rêve x Darco)

Enjoy Van’t Meulenhof is the mother of 2 x 160cm jumpers (100%)

– Intermezzo (Kashmir x Querlybet Hero)

– Jerco (Erco van’t Roosakker)

"She lives outside with my other broodmares, she's very bloody but also very close to human"
Enjoy Van't Meulenhof
Enjoy's manager