Spirit de Muze is a daughter of Malissa de Muze (160cm). Spirit de Muze distinguished in young horses classes in Italy. Spirit de Muze is a granddaughter of Cordula de Laubry (9th best mother in the world).

Year of birth : 2018
Height : 167 cm
Coat color : Black
Studbook : BWP

"When she jumps, you can easily recognize Malissa de Muze, her mother!"
Spirit de Muze
Spirit's owner

More About Spirit de Muze

Spirit de Muze is a daughter of Malissa de Muze (160cm)

Spirit de Muze distinguished in young horses classes in Italiy : Goal 2023 World championship 5yo in Lanaken

Spirit de Muze is a granddaughter of Cordula de Laubry (9th best mother in the world)

Malissa de Muze is the sister of 6 Horses > 160cm

An extraordinary genetic heritage

Cordula, daughter of For Pleasure, there is no coincidence.

Her mother Uganda de Laubry comes from the crossing of two superstars : Darco and Nikita de Laubry, winner of the Nations Cup of Gijon (160cm) with Fernando Sarasola, participation in the Sydney Olympics in 2000, World Equestrian Games in Jerez la Frontera in 2002.

Let’s also remember that Nikita is by the famous sire Skippy II (labeled “BWP Ambassador”, performer at 160cm level) and Indiana de  Lauzelle who has produced a large number of great champions:

  • 10 of his sons and daughters perform in 145cm and over
  • Among these 10 horses, 3 jumped at 160cm.

Cordula, beyond reality

Like her grandmother Nikita, Cordula has become a legendary broodmare.

Crossed with several stallions, she presents a production of very high quality. The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 13 horses compete in Grand Prix classes CSI2*(145cm) and above ;
  • Of these 13 horses, 7 jump courses at 160cm ;
  • 2 horses, Global and Brooklyn Heights, distinguished themselves at the World Equestrian Games in Tryon in 2018 for the first and in Herning in 2022 for the second.

These statistics are mind-boggling.

Malissa and Spirit walk in the footsteps of their illustrious ancestors

Just like her mother Cordula, Malissa leaves her mark on her production. This daughter of Vigo d’Arsouilles has had 3 foals since 2018. All three show the little something extra that sets them apart from other foals or young horses. All have outstanding qualities, all are marked by the genetic heritage of Nikita and Cordula.

"Cordula de Laubry is one of the best dam in the World""
Spirit de Muze
Genesis' founder