Reine de Kerglenn is a direct daughter of the very famous Jumpy de Kreisker. Reine has already produced two horses who jumped at high level Absolut de Lacke (150cm) and Eau de Lacke (140cm).

Year of birth : 2005
Height : 165 cm
Coat color : Grey
Studbook : Selle Français

"Jumpy transmit her good brain to the offspring."
Guillaume ANSQUER
Kreisker stud owner

Reine de Kerglenn Best offspring

More About Reine de Kerglenn

Reine de Kerglenn is a magnificent gray mare, inheriting her beautiful coat from her father, the famous performer, Parco (Darco). She represents one of the finest French maternal lineages, that of Danae, from which the current superstars, the incredible Dubai du Cedre and the highly sought-after Dexter de Kerglenn, descend. Reine de Kerglenn exemplifies a perfect union of conformation, genetics, and progeny.

A Maternal Lineage of the Moment
This exceptional line starts with the mare, Son Altesse, born in 1940, who founded a lineage of many great winners and fantastic broodmares. The renowned breedings “de Thurin,” “de Brekka,” “de Cheux,” and “d’Helby” have derived their fame from this line for decades. This intrinsic quality is deeply rooted in this maternal line and is passed down through generations. Now, the “de Kreisker,” “du Cedre,” and “de Kerglenn” families dominate the global scene without any contention.

Reine de Kerglenn is the direct daughter of the famous Jumpy de Kreisker (a 7-year-old champion and successful competitor at 1.55m). Indeed, Jumpy de Kreisker is an exceptional dam (as was her mother, Betty de Kreisker), credited with producing numerous champions in the first and second generations. Shana de Kerglenn, daughter of Jumpy de Kreisker and thus uterine sister to Reine de Kerglenn, is the mother of the fabulous stallion owned by Jeanne Sadran, Dexter de Kerglenn (Mylord Carthago) who placed 2nd in the World Cup Grand Prix of Bordeaux and 15th in the 2024 World Cup Final in Riyadh.

Shana de Kerglenn is also the grandmother of the highly regarded Déesse de Kerglenn (Mylord Carthago) CSIW5* 1.60m with Harrie Smolders. Therefore, Reine de Kerglenn is not only Dexter de Kerglenn’s aunt but also a cousin to the brilliant Dubai du Cedre (Baloubet du Rouet), who, after winning a bronze medal at the 2023 European Championships in Milan, recently secured 2nd place at the World Cup Final in Riyadh and won the super Grand Prix at the Global Champions Tour in Prague! Reine de Kerglenn and Dubai du Cedre both descend from Danae (Starter), who is their respective 3rd and 4th dam.

A Proven Producer
Reine de Kerglenn is not just about genetic potential; she is a true dam who produces good winners. Absolut de Lacke (Diamant de Semilly) ISO 158, gray like his mother, excels in CSI4* and CSI5* at 1.45m and 1.50m with Laurent Goffinet, combining strength and speed. Another daughter by Reine de Kerglenn and Diamant de Semilly, Eau de Lacke, also gray, competes at 1.40m with Aymeric de Coligny. All this within a carefully managed and finely crossed production. Accessing Reine de Kerglenn’s genetics means building the future with optimism.

"Absolut has a very good brain, he his "the good friend""
Absolut de Lacke's rider